Rachel B

Manager of PNW Washington State, USA

August 2020 will make 6 years in Rainbow for me and it’s been the best and biggest roller coaster of a career I could have ever imagined for myself. Not only was I able to come off 4 different asthma medications because of the rainbow, I was also able to pay off over $4,000 in debt in my first 8 months part time. I could go on for days about all the tablets, apple watches, computers, TVs, Google homes, cookware sets, and so much more from different sales and recruiting contests throughout the years. The great financial situation it’s had me in as well as the places I’ve seen are what I appreciate most! My FAVORITE thing about Rainbow is that it takes me all over the world. I’ve been to Jamaica, Palm Beach, Orlando, Vegas, Canada, and so many more. But best of all, the people I’ve met and the friendships I’ve built are what I truly admire most. Some of these people feel like I have known them my whole life and the feeling they give is something I’ll cherish forever, and always thank Rainbow for! My goal coming into this business was to just make a lot of money, I had no real aim or focus. 6 years later, I’ve changed thousands of lives and only want to continue to do just that. Sharing an opportunity without limits with everyone I can because I can’t imagine my life without it.

Bryce C

Rainbow Representative of PNW Washington State, USA

I really started to devote time and energy to Rainbow in August of 2019. This is one of the only jobs I’ve ever seen where you truly reap the rewards of your efforts. I’ve been able to cut my debt in half in about 7 months with the help of Rainbow. I had over $80,000 of debt, and now I’m approaching the $40,000 mark. My credit score had just gotten dragged through the coals it was 476 and now I’m almost to 700 again. Rainbow has changed my life for the better and I get to see other families’ lives improve because of Rainbow and I get to be an instrument in improving their lives and offering an excellent opportunity to not only earn their Rainbow for free, which I was the first person in Washington to do, but also take advantage of an opportunity that allows for infinite growth. I can’t wait to see where Rainbow takes me in the coming years.

Jamie W

Rainbow Representative of PNW Washington State, USA

My name is Jamie and I personally love the flexibility that Rainbow offers. I am a full-time mom and I love my day job so being able to give this opportunity as much effort as I want is amazing. So far, I’ve made between $3-4,000 since I started less than a year ago! Another thing I love about this company is the community it creates as a group. We’ve had quite a few group outings, and fun gatherings. My favorite was the summer park party, all the events are family friendly which makes it easy for my whole fam to join and have fun with some pretty cool people that make up the team.

Matt M

Rainbow Representative of PNW Washington State, USA

I am brand new to the Rainbow business and so far, I love it. I grew up with a rainbow, so I was familiar before I became a rep, but the team here is super nice and very welcoming which made joining the team fun and easy. I love meeting new people and can talk to anyone about anything, so Rainbow is a good fit and a lot of fun for me. What I think I like the most about this opportunity is that it doesn’t cost me anything but my time to do Rainbow. No membership fees, or startup costs, it’s really nice. Also, all the training is abundant and free, it’s amazing to have so much support with something so new to me. I look forward to seeing where this opportunity takes me as I continue to grow in the business!

Happy Customers

The dealer is an awesome rainbow demonstrator. She is very knowledgeable and answered every question. She went above and beyond for my satisfaction with my free attachments and she has great customer service. I am so excited to use free products that i earned!
We are so excited to use our mop on our kitchen floor! With 3 kids. We will use it a lot. It was so easy to earn it!
BriIt was so easy to earn it!
I earned everything in a very short time! Thank you for these amazing accessories to my Rainbow that i love!
HannahI love my Rainbow!